Seen on TV shopping

Shazam-fashionA few years back one lecturer at my university talked about fashion marketing and about how probably in the future there could be the opportunity to shop directly the things that you see tv personalities or movies stars wearing in the tv. You only need to pause the show you’re watching, select the personality and the garment you’re interested in and you will find out the brand she or he is wearing. Then when you click on the product’s image, your wifi tv will take you directly to an eStore that sells the garment /outfit/accessory and in just a few days you will have it delivered to your home. All this without having to get up from your couch. Back then it seemed like a thing that could only happen like in ten years, but now it seems more real than never. After Shazam announced they’re improving a system that makes it easier to find out what people are wearing in tv, it was like a déjà vu!

Somebody even said that they are working on an app that would work, with clothes, as their famous music app, that “listens” to a song you play and then compares it to millions of songs to find the perfect match and to tell you the name and the artist, in addition to the purchasing options.  This time around, you could take a picture of a perfect stranger and discover the brands he or she is wearing. How many times have you seen somebody on the street and thought to yourself, “that garment is awesome”, but just couldn’t find the courage to go and ask where to buy it. Well, maybe an app like this is not a dream but a reality just behind the corner. :)


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