It all starts to make sense again…

A couple of weeks have gone so fast, I didn’t even notice. Mostly just work work work, but a few nice things did happen as well.

First, I got, or better my blog got a¬†nomination for Liebster¬†award from a friendly blogger named Katherine. It’s a pretty nice way to give credit to those small blogs you like and follow. I will be writing about it soon.


Second, I bought an electronic cigarette and I’ve been without a “real” smoke now for over a week! It’s great, I’ve been a smoker for so long, struggling to get rid of that nasty habit and I finally feel like I can do it. I could really write more about that too, it’s a growing trend worldwide.


Third, I finally accomplished the made to measure jacket and dresses ordered by my mother-in-law and I even did a wool coat for myself!

Fourth, I have been doing more exercising and I’ve changed my eating habits a bit. In just a few weeks I have dropped a few kilos. I’m really starting to enjoy this new, healthier lifestyle, that I’m building up, just have to keep it up!


Fifth and the most important thing, just finished designing my capsule collection and I have almost finished the patterns, so that I can start to sew. Since I can remember, I have been dreaming of creating my own clothing line, but in the past months I haven’t been able to think that could really happen, because of all the time, effort and money it would take. But I finally started creating even though I’m so tired every time I get home from work, and now I’m happy I did it! Seeing the results it always so fantastic. When the collection is going to be ready, I’ll find a way to showcase it, but for now, I’m just pleased I got things started, because waiting for things to happen doesn’t really help, you have to go out and make them happen.

Finding all this extra time and energy for all these things, hasn’t been easy, but I’m glad I did. I finally feel like I’m moving on, I’m starting to care about my life and dreams again. I lost the strive a little bit over an year ago, when I lost my very best friend. She was my rock and she always encouraged me to go after my dreams, so when she passed away, I felt as if my whole life had been turned upside down. I remember her saying never give up on your dreams, just because of the time it might take to accomplish them, and now I start to believing again. Even though there is not a day that goes by without me thinking about her, I feel that I’m getting better and life finally starts to make sense again.



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