4 fashion trends men should try this summer

I always end up talking about men’s fashion.. Maybe I’ve grown to love it, somehow, time after time, I’ve found myself working for companies that do men’s fashion. This time I wanted to write about 4 men’s spring/summer 2013 fashion trends, which I think are pretty nice and that men should really think trying this sunny season.


  • Colors! All those nice shades of which I wrote in a previous post: Trendy spring colors for men by Pantone, and more. Bright colors, such as orange, Monaco and sky blue, red and mustard, are really trendy, in addition to emerald green, which is known as the color of the year. Specially, colorful pants are the thing for men this spring / summer season, and I think you should all really try it out! Only advise I would like to give is: don’t overdo, just combine these colors with some lighter tones and let the colorful garment be the center of attention in your outfit. More over, hues of grey are fashionable this upcoming season and the great thing is, that they suit perfectly almost every man.prints-for-men-fashion-trend-summer
  • Prints and patterns are in! Micro patterns seem to be shown in almost every men’s shirt collection, those are nice little details, to be matched with more classic styles too, giving it a little twist. Nevertheless, if you have a whimsical personality and style, try larger prints as well, just remember to match them with attention to the rest of your outfit, combining prints to prints is a hard task, so you should detect one color of the print and stick to that in solid color, for the other half of your outfit, for example patterned pants with a solid color shirt!ipad-bag-for-men
  • Don’t forget to accessorize! Many men don’t think of accessories and just ignore them in their everyday clothing, however, I think you should try adding some personality and color to your outfit with these nice little details. Even just one accessory is enough to brighten up an otherwise plain outfit, no need to overdo. So, which accessories are “in”? Very nice are all those “pochette bags” for men, better known as iPad bags, many designers showed these for men in the most imaginative variations. Also ties and bow ties have received more attention, with prints, patterns, metallic colors and, of course, with micro polka dots. A classic business look becomes easily more appealing and trendy, just by adding a tie with some color or with a curious pattern. Scarfs should also be taken into consideration, they give a nice touch to a man’s attire. Try choosing easy and light gauze fabrics, maybe with small tassels or oriental patterns.bermuda-shirts-men-trend-spring-summer-2013
  • Bermuda shorts are a nice and trendy garment to create a casual and easy summer look, however, in order to still look polished and chic, you should choose straight models, no flared or baggy variations. These pants will give you an evergreen and comfy summer style, that can be dressed up with a stylish shirt, perfect also for those casually elegant summer occasions!

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