Etsy & Handmade with love

etsy-logoSome time ago I found a website called Etsy. I discovered that it’s already a well-known site and I’m amazed  I haven’t found it before. An endless selection of only handmade and vintage things… For people just like me, who love creativity and things made with heart, it is a truly pleasant discovery! Nowadays, in this industrial world, handmade is unfortunately quite undervalued and a site like this truly gives it the showcase that it deserves.


Rob Kalin, had this great idea in early 2005, he ran into the same problem that many craftsmen and artists did. He as many of those who love to make and create, and would like to expose their creations to the world, struggled finding a place to exhibit their creations and maybe even earn some money by selling them. There were already e-commerce sites that allowed selling own items, but no site dedicated to handmade and vintage stuff. So Rob with Chris Maguire and Haim Schoppik made a small revolution in the world of creatives and handmade lovers, launching Etsy in June 18, 2005.


I haven’t had the time to buy anything yet, but it’s just a matter of time, I already have a long wishlist! I got really inspired by this site, to the point where I started to think of opening my own store there. The idea of being able to support myself with my own creations has always been my dream. Since I can remember I’ve always wanted to create my own clothing line, I like to think that I have some fresh ideas and skills to do that, but it’s the economic part that slows me down. I’m not aiming for fame or something like that, I would be satisfied if I only had that creative freedom and if I was able to earn my living by doing what I truly love. Reading interviews of people selling on Etsy, makes me wonder, perhaps a small shop on Etsy as a hobby, could be the start for me as well… The success stories aren’t that rare…

Well that’s all yet to be seen, but what would life be without dreams!

What do you think about Etsy? Personal experiences? For now, have a great day, ciao! :)


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