Perfect Makeup With BareMinerals


This time I wanted to write about the award-winning bareMinerals and recommend them to you all.

I received bareMinerals starter kit as a gift half a year ago and now I’m truly in love with these products. I used to try out all kinds of makeup products, but I never stuck with the same product for long, maybe precisely, because I wasn’t totally satisfied. This time I’m so pleased, that I’m not changing any time soon!

BareMinerals is all about naturally derived minerals, as you probably already figured out. These minerals do miracles to my skin, giving me long-lasting and breathable coverage, rich pigmentation and UVB sun protection all at once, with creamy blendability.

Firstly, Primetime primer; it’s easy to apply and absorbs fast, leaving my skin smooth and ready. It really helps to get a flawless finish with the foundation, which gives a great coverage, but at the same time looks natural and the best thing with bareMinerals is that less is more, so one container really lasts forever! Although, at first, applying the foundation may take a moment, it becomes a routine in no time.

Recently, I also bought an eyeshadow palette and it didn’t fail the expectations. The colors blend fantastically together, and it’s possible to achieve a light and bright eye makeup, as well as a full on smoky eye!

Great products, not only they make my skin look good, but they are also good for my skin. :)


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