Trendy spring colors for men by Pantone

Hello everyone, spring is coming, isn’t it?! :)

I’m already bored with winter, the only thing I like about it, it’s the snow and snowboarding.. But there is no snow and I can’t stand cold weather for long, so I can’t wait for summer to come.
Spring also brings nice and vivid colors to clothing, after dark and bleak winter attire. Pantone as always has presented colors, which will be “IN”, when the weather is warming up a bit.

Men’s wardrobe will be filled with neutral and smooth colors, with a touch of brightness. Shades of green, such as emerald and greyed jade are nice neutral colors to be paired with monaco blue, which has strong masculine stamp to it. Alloy and linen colors are light spring versions of black and white, easy to match with a wide range of colors and they give that nice summery feel and look, as well as dusk blue, which is a variant of light blue and a perfect color for airy and light shirts of the sunny season. Poppy red and hues of orange, bring a little bit of energy and sparkle to menswear. After a huge success of dijon yellow, the sunflower color is presented as a variation of it. I personally like this tone a lot, but I’m afraid it doesn’t really suit my skin tone. But it’s a nice color for many men, who know how to match it. I think it’s nice paired with a pair of black or vintage style jeans!

What do you think of the men’s color trends for spring?


One thought on “Trendy spring colors for men by Pantone

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