Street style: Eyeglasses @ Pitti Uomo 83


Street style at Pitti Uomo is always interesting and appealing. Fashion fairs and shows are the best places to witness plenty of fantastic and unique styles. At Pitti Uomo 83, I had some spare time to wander around and I immediately paid attention to a great number of people wearing all kinds of different eyeglasses.

It’s known that over the last few years eyeglasses have once again become fashionable and trendy. What a gratification for all the short-sighted, yet still style-conscious people, just like me, after years of geek stamps and “invisible” eyeglasses.
I have discovered the joy of specs and now I have a real collection of those, to match with different occasions and clothing, although, I must admit, sometimes I’m also thankful for whom invented the contact lens!

Sure, glasses are not for everybody and there are also those who exaggerate a bit with them, but matched correctly, whether you are looking for a geek chic style or grownup sophistication, I think they are a great addition to many people’s looks. ;)


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