Back to the roots

Finland-Helsinki-WinterI’ve always loved the festive season.

This year I had a chance to go back home and enjoy the holidays with family and friends. Returning to Finland is always fantastic, although, many things have changed since I left.

One of the best things during this trip was absolutely a day passed shopping with my sister. After christmas, we took on the Sales, entire day wandering around department stores and shops in the city center. Only thing that I’m not waiting for is the credit card bill, but for now I can enjoy my renewed wardrobe! I have to add, that it was also quite a job to fit everything into the luggage.. :D

When I’ll get my memory card back, that I finely left in Finland, I will post some photos of the clothes I found and bought, in addition to the clothes I designed and sewed for relatives as christmas gifts..

Finally, I’d like to wish you all a great 2013! I’m personally so glad that the 2012 came to an end. It was such a rough year, I want to believe this is gonna be a much better one.


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