Leggings And Meggings

men-leggings-meggingsThese days I read everywhere about this new trend; leggings for men and someone also got a great idea to name them Meggings… Men+Leggings! I had to ask myself why couldn’t they just call them men’s leggings?

Although, I don’t see them taking over men’s clothing on the streets, as they did with women’s attire, they seem to be the hottest trend on the catwalks.. Maybe paired with a right body and style, why not? After all they are not so different from men’s skinny jeans…

I remember the time when I first saw, skinny jeans and then leggings for women, I thought I would never wear them, now I can’t live without. It’s all about getting used to it and I think this is the case in men’s fashion too, even though I’m not a big fan of these all new Meggings, sometimes it’s really refreshing to see guys wearing something a bit different from the usual dress shirts and jeans.

What do you think about the Meggings?


2 thoughts on “Leggings And Meggings

  1. “Where are the men? What have we done with them” That’s what comes to my mind when I hear words like “meggings”, “murse” and… “mankini” (yikes). I cannot believe I find myself almost missing old signs of manhood like hairy chests and backs.

    • Hi Anna, thanks for your comment!
      Good point, It’s true that the really manly men are on their way to extinction in this world of shaved chests, more and more feminine cloths and men’s beauty products… Although, I must say, there’s nothing wrong with some cure, but as usual no need to exaggerate.
      We women need some masculinity! ;)

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